12 Spiritual Steps

The ego is addicted to itself, the ego. Is it possible to use a 12 step process with the addiction to the ego, just as we use a 12 step process for many other addictions?

Dr. David R. Hawkins calibrated 12-step groups as being in the 500’s; even into the level of unconditional love. Is it possible to use a 12-step group with the ego’s addiction to itself?

The answer appears to be yes. Here is a proposed set of 12 spiritual steps, to be used for an ego’s addiction to itself.

1. I find that I am often powerless over my emotions and my ego which affects my ability to respond to the world with love and grace. 

2. I have to come to realize the difficulty of making personal changes so I can respond to the world in a loving manner. I see that only a Higher Power than myself/ a Higher Power than my ego can help me become the loving person I wish to become. I need that help. 

3. I have made the decision to turn my life over to a Higher Power (in whatever form the words “Higher Power” mean to me) and humbly ask that Higher Power to help me transform myself and my life into an expression of love and to help me to sincerely express positive emotions in this world. 

4. I willingly do a searching moral inventory of myself to find and face my emotional issues and failings and understand how those emotions have affected my life. This includes but is not limited to the failings of the ego such as opinions, intellectualization, polarization, and painful emotions which cause suffering in myself and others. 

5. I confront my pride and my ego by humbly admitting my emotional issues and lack of loving emotions and emotional failures to another human being and to my Higher Power. 

6. I realize that if I could change this on my own, I would have already done so and that I need the help of a Higher Power to make these changes in myself .

7. I humbly ask this Higher Power for help in overcoming these emotional issues and my ego, and I sincerely surrender these issues and my ego with my request for help. 

8. I have made a list of all those I have harmed and am willing to make amends; which includes releasing all the negative emotions in myself around these people and situations, and finding forgiveness wherever I need to forgive or ask for forgiveness. 

9. I make amends to those I have harmed, except where to make those amends would increase the harm to others. I offer forgiveness to those I believed had harmed me. 

10. I continue to take this moral inventory daily, admit when I am wrong, make amends promptly and continue to release all negative emotions within myself. I ask the Higher Power to direct and guide me. 

11. I ask my Higher Power to become more loving, more conscious, and for direction to help me work towards becoming a more completely loving human being. 

12. I continually devote myself to clearing negative emotions within myself and act as a loving human being; leading by example, and devoting myself to the good of all concerned.

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