Deliberately considering compassion can help us lead more compassionate lives. As compassion increases, the ego decreases. We can also choose to teach compassion or lead by example, to increase the amount of compassion in the world.

One way to consider (and increase) your compassion is via the mind. Karen Armstrong offers a wonderful book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, as a great resource in how to think about compassion. We can encourage compassion in ourselves and others with a greater knowledge of compassion and how it affects society and ourselves.

Another way is develop your compassion directly via the heart. Using the AA protocol of 12 Steps, adapted to consider compassion, has you both thinking about compassion and feeling it. By looking at your own life, and where you did or didn’t feel compassion for yourself or for others, you can make new choices to be more compassionate.

A third way is via service. By deliberating choosing a life of service, without expectation of reward, you can act upon and increase your compassion. This is an excellent pathway for those with an already well-developed sense of compassion.

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