The World Doesn’t Need Help

Questioning the spiritual concept that “we don’t need to change the world” is confusing to many people. What? We shouldn’t help the homeless or help out in a natural disaster? These people are working off karma and we should just let them work it off?

The answers may be just as confusing, as they appear to be both complex and applying differently at differing levels of spiritual consciousness. To someone at a very high level of consciousness, who fully understands that we are spirit, not bodies, other people are also spirits, not bodies and do not need help.

Yet the idea that pulling together in a natural disaster joins us as one in a common goal is both spiritually compelling and compassionate. It seems cruel to simply walk away and ignore the great need.

Closer to home, you may be confronted with a homeless person, a drunk or an addict, all crying out for help. Does ignoring them (aka leaving them to their karma) feel compassionate? Does it add negative karma to you if you walk away from someone needing help?

These confusing questions don’t seem to have easy answers. Is this the pathway through the confusion? Kindness, discernment, and surrender.

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