Understanding the Ego

The ego, despite being considered a “thing”, is really nothing more than brain function. Still, it’s useful to understand the ego as that removes some of the mystery of the ego. Some spiritual teachers and writings make the ego into an enemy even though it is a valid and normal part of human development.

The ego started as a tester – is this good, or is bad for me? How does this make me feel? Based on the idea of the physical body being separate from the environment, the ego recognizes that we need sustenance from the environment in order to live. We need a LOT of food, water and air in order to live. To have to test each breath, or each bite of food or drink of water would take up far too much time. The brain learned to short-cut the process with memories of what felt good and what did not. The ego then expanded this to include emotional situations and memories of people, places and things to be avoided or gained.

The show continues with notes on how the ego resists spirituality and some simple tips on lessening the ego.

The show replay is accessed here: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/undotheego/CEE_Understanding_Ego_Sept_24_2020.mp3

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