Book Overview – Shortcuts To God

Written by Gerald Jampolsky, MD, the book is simple yet engaging. Jampolsky is also the author of many other books, including the best seller, Love is Letting Go of Fear.

Setting out 18 individual steps to God, the book also offers a section on landmarks, which, if experienced, will tell the reader if they actually are on a shortcut to God. These include positive emotions such as tolerance, honesty, trust, generosity, and faithfulness.

The 18 steps are equally as simple, yet not necessarily easy. For example, pointing out that forgiveness heals the past does not help the reader actually forgive. Noting that forgiveness heals the past may motivate the reader to forgive, which is an important point. Other lessons are equally simple, for example: God goes with me wherever I go, Smiles and joy will be my way today, and May the light of God ignite a fire within our hearts.

Just as a map may show you the way to go but not provide a means to get there, Jampolsky’s book offer a pathway but not the means to achieve the end result.

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