Mother Sun Releases New Album “SIPS”

Local band Mother Sun has released their second album in less than a year. Their newest album is called SIPS. Recently I had a conversation with Jared Doherty of Mother Sun. I asked him to tell us about it.

JD: We recorded this mostly in Kamloops at our own studio, called Divine Bovine. We recorded a lot of it to tape. Emilio (Pagnotta) is engineering and we just kind of tracked live some guest appearances from some friends: Stefan (Thordarson ) and Aaron (MacInnis) and this girl Jill (Broughton) played some flute. Lots of the songs are kind of about excess, moderation, indulgence and trying to be more mindful of that in a world that seems to really value consumption. It kind of takes it to some extremes and almost parodies the concept at times, but we are just trying to have some fun with it. Also, some songs are about food and stuff. … We tried to do it thematically and have some fun. You know our keyboard player, Alex (Ward) orders a lot of pizza. He gave me the idea for a song called “Pizza for Days” and we just ran with it. We all like pizza. It’s kind of a cautionary tale. It’s kind of easy to overdo that, as it is so convenient and delicious.

I mentioned I enjoyed the song “Happy Medium” very much. I’m into jazz and that it is definitely a tune I would want to play on my jazz show and found the Moog guitar interesting and wondered what it was.

JD: It was played by Aaron MacInnis. Basically we tracked that live and Alex (Ward) and (Jared) Wilman were kind of doing their thing and getting into a jazzy groove at the end of it. Emilio (Pagnotta) and I trying to do some minimal guitar stuff to leave space for Stefan and Aaron. Aaron playing the Moog guitar and Stefan playing some violin. Jill had worked with Alex on The Sound of Music, when it was in town. She was part of the (orchestra) pit band with Alex, so he recruited her to come and play some flute. It was cool to have some of those different textures. We definitely wanted to close things on some improv and sort of a jazzy mood, which was not common on the rest of the album. We thought it would be kind of a cool way to end things off.

I asked Jared, “How would you type the rest of the album. I hear a lot of Beatle-ish, psychedelic, pop riffs, that are really catchy. Is that somewhat close?”

JD: Ya, I think so. We all love the Beatles. Trying to just go with whatever vibe the song was telling us. “Sucralose” just started as a fun day, where Emilio and I, were just jamming. He was playing drums and I was playing the synthesizer, which is not really our regular instruments, and then try to build a song around that and get Wilman in there to add some real drums and then Alex added some horns and things. Kind of just blending all the styles of music, we all listen to. I think it’s fun when we kind of have a direction and then you can take it in some other ones, as well and create a weird hybrid that is recognizable but hopefully something new ends up in there as well, that hasn’t been put together, too often.

SIPS by Mother Sun is available on Bandcamp. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp just CD for now. You can order digitally on streaming services and anywhere else you can find music, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Check it out.

Mother Sun recently played at a unique venue, at the top of a parkade in Vernon.

JD: So we got contacted by this guy named Chris at the Vernon Art Gallery. They usually have a live event every year called Riot on the Roof. Apparently they were having a problem finding bands who were willing to do streaming, so he reached out to us. We played along with some friends from Kelowna, Post Modern Connection. This guy named Justin Moore opened up. Then we played. It was all live-streamed. They recorded it to the board and we got some video done, as well. It was really cool to just watch other people play music and we had a good time on top of the parkade. We really just miss having that show environment, so it was kind of cool to some small concept of that. It was a good time. It was a beautiful night and it didn’t rain fortunately. [Soon after Mother Sun did an acoustic show at Cafe Motive]. It’s kind of nice to have a couple shows. Smaller than usual, but just grateful to be able to play music. I really miss it.

And so do we. Hopefully the pandemic will end soon and we can see great young bands like Mother Sun, playing live in larger venues, again.