Choose Again Toolbox

The e-book, Choose Again Toolbox, is offered for free on the site,, which offers a course and printed book on the process titled Choose Again. Although much of the e-book is simply a listing of A Course In Miracles principles, the process of Choose Again appears to be very similar to spiritual work often discussed on this show.

The concept of being able to choose again is well developed within A Course In Miracles. We are offered the choice between the world of the ego, or the world of the Holy Spirit, and with each moment we make our choice. The Choose Again process uses A Course In Miracles principles to help you make new choices for the world of the Holy Spirit.

Diederik Wolsak is the founder and program director of the process, Choose Again. Diederik was born in July of 1942 in Pengalengan, a hamlet just South of Bandung, Java, then a colony of Holland. His first three years were spent in Japanese concentration camps. At eight years old, Diederik lived for 2 years in a foster home in Holland before being reunited with his family. His background led him to a life of drug and alcohol abuse. He made the choice to choose again, and a spiritual advancement led to the process Choose Again.

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