Ego as Brain Activity

We talk about the ego as if the ego is a thing. In reality, the ego is nothing more than a built up sense of psychological self. It’s the mind talking to itself about itself!

Spiritual leaders often tell us to undo the ego, to release the ego, or words to that effect. If we have set the ego up as a thing ( a noun) when it is actually an activity ( a verb) we have done ourselves a dis-service. We have made it harder to undo the ego by making the ego a thing instead of a process.

An activity or a process is something that can be stopped. A thing – an object – can be destroyed, but that usually takes effort. An activity can simply be stopped, often implying no effort at all.

By realizing the ego is nothing more than brain activity, we realize that the ego is just a process, and yes, there are many ways we can interfere with or stop the process.

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