Judgment and Discernment

Judgment is often considered a negative, spiritually speaking, without any explanation of why is considered that way. After all, we all have to make choices, don’t we? Aren’t we expected to judge?

The option is to to discern – to see clearly what is true and what is not – rather than judge.

Despite our ideas of legalities and a judge who makes the right decision, judgment, spiritually speaking, is tied up with emotions and the ego. Judges in the legal system discern rather than judge, despite our use of the word judge. A judge looks at the evidence, weighs the facts of the matter, discards what is not truth, and makes a decision as best as he or she is able to. That’s discernment.

Judging is adding in a layer of emotion and negativity (at least spiritually speaking.) The ego judges. In the judging, it separates – me vs. you, good vs. bad, etc. Judging blames and shames. It creates a victim and a victor. It decides who is better and who is not.

In terms of A Course In Miracles and non-duality, all are One, with no differences between. No judgment is possible.

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