Watching the Mind Operate

While we are told by spiritual masters to be mindful, watching your own mind isn’t always easy, especially at the start. The ego quickly draws us away from simply watching the mind into total involvement with the mind. Consider watching a soccer game from the sidelines vs. being in the game – that is the difference between watching the mind and being totally involved with the mind.

It sometimes helps hold off the pull of the ego to be able to throw the ego a bone. Much like you would throw a dog a bone to chew on and keep the dog busy, you can throw your ego a bone by noticing how your mind operates. This show offers a few things that you may see your mind doing. You distract the ego from pulling you into the ego by asking the ego which of these mind operations are currently being used.

This is not the same as vipassana meditation, aka clear insight meditation. The technique of throwing the mind a bone is for those who are having trouble getting to a starting point of being able to watch the mind.

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