Peace Pilgrim

Born Mildred Lisette Norman, Peace Pilgrim took her new name after a spiritual awakening. Convinced that the world was at a crisis point, she began walking the USA to bring attention to the need for peace. (It is not unusual for those who have had a spiritual awakening to take a new name, as their old name and life seems far removed from who they are after awakening.)

Peace Pilgrim felt that peace without (in the world) could only be achieved when we have peace within ourselves. If all people were peaceful there would be no need for war.

Her only possessions were the clothes on her back and what she could carry in the pockets of her tunic. She walked more than 25,000 miles, not asking for food or shelter but accepting it when it was offered. At the time, the Korean War was on, she felt the need for peace was acute.

The book, Peace Pilgrim, was written after her death by her friends. Much of it was previously written by Peace Pilgrim herself but not put into a book form. The book suggests four preparation, four purification’s, and four relinquishments for spiritual peace.

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