Jeremy Kneeshaw Shows Off Many Talents On New Album

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Recently Jeremy Kneeshaw of Kamloops released his new album called Jeremy Kneeshaw Album Vol. III. Kneeshaw is a local musican, whose previous album reached the #1 spot on the CFBX Top Ten. We recently chatted about his background and the new album. He told me that he started music appreciation class for little children, when he was two and took piano lessons from age two, until he was seven. He switched to drums and took lessons from grade seven until grade nine, and after that, got into a little bit of guitar theory.

jK at RibfestThe Jeremy Kneeshaw Band at Ribfest 2019

All this shows, as he plays every instrument with talent and enthusiasm, on his latest album. If he had to pick his favourite instrument, and he likes them all, he says “the most diverse instrument I play is the piano. But I think, piano or keys would be my favourite, if I had to pick one.”

The Jeremy Kneeshaw Album Vol. III has six tracks on it and Kneeshaw composed five of them. While composing, he generally composes the music first and the lyrics after. Process-wise, he says that there is really no rhyme or reason why a song will come to him, although in one instance, emotional circumstances brought about a full album in around six weeks. On Vol. III he wrote a song called Blueberry Wine because his wife, Dylana, suggested he should. Another song was written as a commentary about how difficult it is to speak on any topic, today and how what you say can have grave consequences.

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He types his music as “groove rock.” Like the many instruments he uses, you can find influences from many genres on this album. I picked out blues, jazz, gospel, country and of course rock. Jeremy notes that he has survived the pandemic and plans on being part of a show with the band Neon Brown at the Scotch Creek Hub on Friday June 12.

Jeremy Kneeshaw Album Vol. III is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Apple Music, Youtube, Netflicks, Crave TV and if you are interested in t-shirts, hats or buttons, track him down on Facebook or through Jeremy Kneeshaw Music on the web.

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