Fear and Covid 19

Compared to last week’s show, this show focuses more specifically on fear and what to do about it. If Covid 19 is bringing up the fear in you, that is because you have fear within to be brought up! You will only resonate (amplify) with an emotion that you are already tuned into.

One way the pandemic can be seen is as a means to deal with your fear. Whether this is treating the energy field of fear as an entity or seeing that fear is the opposite (as much as opposites exist) of trust, it is up to you to deal with what is inside you. You can let fear take you down and break you, or you can use fear to move yourself into a more advanced level of spirituality. Rather than seeing fear as an on-off condition, it is more helpful to see fear as being on a sliding scale between no-trust (fear) and trust. It’s easier to take baby steps along as sliding scale – from lots-of-fear to less-fear – than it is to feel that you have to go from all-fear straight to no-fear. Dr. Hawkins Map of Consciousness can be a guide.

As you move towards trust (no fear) you will find that each step in that direction has you feeling better and more empowered to keep moving towards trust.

Trust isn’t something that is built in one day. Neither is a pandemic. You have the opportunity now to use the pandemic to aid your spiritual growth, at the same time as you take the precautions necessary to prevent spreading the pandemic to someone who does live in fear.

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