A Course In Miracles Chapter 30

Titled, A New Beginning, this chapter is another part of the summary at the end of the Course. It quite correctly points out that we have trouble switching from the dream we are in – the dream of judgment – to the dream of forgiveness. The Course is still pointing out that both are a dream, but changing to a new dream of forgiveness is an intermediate step on our way to being aware that we are one with God.

The rule for decision making that the Course asks us to use, in every situation, is that we make no decisions without asking the Holy Spirit what we should do. To quote the Course (Thomas Wakechild edition):

T30:1:2  3 This means that you are choosing not to be the judge of what to do. 4 But it must also mean you will not judge the situations where you will be called upon to make response. 5 For if you judge the situations where you will be called upon to make response, you have set the rules for how you should react to the situations.

By pre-judging the situation as we normally would, we pre-decide the circumstances under which we will react. By using our own judgment, we will forever remain in this dream of judgment and can never leave it without the help of the Holy Spirit.

A reminder: the shows on A Course In Miracles are not meant to teach the Course, but simply summarize each chapter.

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