Covid 19 and Spirituality

Many (not all) spiritual teachings say that we are NOT the body, and not to be afraid of the loss of the body.

Death and the body are part of what we consider to be reality: we are born, we live, then we die. This is perhaps the strongest belief that we learn from a very young age. Who doesn’t grow up believing in the body? It seems very real. We get hungry. We scrape our knees and the pain is real. We get sick with a cold and endure the misery of a clogged up head. We get pushed down the stairs at school and it hurts when we hit the bottom. A bee stings us. All these events of childhood combine to deepen our belief that the body is real.

Perhaps a loved one, a family member, maybe a pet, dies. We face the reality of their body being gone. We are told that they died and went to heaven now. The belief in the body is strengthened, and our fear of losing the body develops.

Now we face a pandemic. Covid 19 has led to many people fearing for their lives or for the lives of their loved ones. Even though we may have been saying that we believe we are spirit, covid 19 forces us to face our belief in the body. If we truly believed we are spirit, covid 19 is nothing to fear.

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