Charging for Enlightenment?

This shows starts off with a look at the work of Fred Davis, an American spiritual teacher of enlightenment, and quickly leads into the question: how do you feel about being charged for spiritual growth?

This has been an ongoing discussion for many years. It usually costs money to attend a weekend workshop, for instance, with a well known spiritual teacher. That teacher has to pay at least the costs of the room rental, and if the teacher is travelling, all the costs of travel. It’s unreasonable to expect the teacher to offer his or her teachings for free – or is it?

There are retreat centres where you can attend for a weekend or longer retreat at no cost whatsoever. These are sometimes supported by alumni of their programs, and sometimes supported by the work the residents do or simply by donations.

I haven’t heard anyone claim that one form of teaching (paid vs. unpaid) is superior to the other.

There have been teachers who say that that the teacher has to live, so why not ask for donations? There have been some well known and extremely well-off spiritual leaders who have become rich by their teachings. (Television evangelists quickly come to mind.)

Does it leave someone out, if they cannot pay for teaching? What is a reasonable amount to be charged? Can someone else ‘enlighten’ you, and if so, should this be a commercial service?


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