COVID-19 On Air Schedule – Update, January 5, 2021

Update: October 7, 2020

Here’s the current line up for Wednesdays:

8-9 AM: Body Paragraphs/Harrowsmith Radio (talk)
9-10 AM: Putumayo (worldbeat)
10-11 AM: Handi-Link/WiNGS (disabilities/feminism)
11 AM-Noon: Windfall with Carter (Roots/Americana)
Noon-1 PM: Live Mike with Mike (storytelling/music)
1-2 PM: The Vision of Eurovision with Jeremy (Eurovision)
2-3 PM: Alternative Eye with Dylan (Eclectic)
3-4 PM: Unscripted with Bart (Eclectic)
4-5 PM: When Swing was King with Rod (Jazz)
5-6 PM: Jazz Notes with Jim (jazz)
6-7 PM: Secret Radio with Corey (Eclectic)
7-8 PM: Hardkore Punk Projekt with Ben (punk/metal)

More will be added as more volunteers commit and get up to speed. Thanks!

Hi folks, we’ve got some great new regarding local content on CFBX. While our station remains closed due to the Covid-19 health crisis, we have a number of volunteers that have stepped up to curate content from their own homes, send it to the station, and we’ll be airing their weekly shows every Thursday! Once we have enough content, we’ll try to expand to a second day. Here’s the schedule as it sits right now:

8-9 AM: Art of the Song (roots/interviews)
9-10 AM: A Warm Welcome with Elymor (eclectic)
10-11 AM: Consciousness, Ego and Enlightenment with Cara (spirituality/wellness)
11 AM-Noon: Stormy Thursday with Brant (blues)
Noon-1 PM: On the Marquee with Julie (Broadway)
1-2 PM: Anime-d in Japan with Jeremy (Japanese)
2-3 PM: Blues, Boogie and Bop with Vince (blues)
3-5 PM: Jazz on the Rocks with Shelley (jazz)
5-6 PM: Radio Goethe with Arndt (German)
6-7 PM: Broken Glass with Myles (punk)
7-8 PM: Do Not Touch This Amp with Steve (experimental)

On Fridays, we’ll be offering some newly produced syndicated programs from around Canada, most of them shows you have already heard regularly at CFBX. Here’s the line up for Friday:

8-9 AM: Spirit of the West (cowboy culture)
9-10 AM: Alternative Radio (politics)
10 AM-Noon: Modern Jazz Today (jazz)
Noon-1 PM: Canadaland (media/politics)
1-2 PM: Nasha Kasha (Ukranian)
2-4 PM: Earshot 20 (new music)
4-5 PM: Wandering Minstrels (folk/roots)
5-6 PM: CanQueer (LGBTQ)
6-8 PM: Amplified Radio (electronics)

Saturday through Wednesday will be our regularly announced mix of programming from 8 AM-8 PM, and local music from 8 PM to 8 AM.

We’ll be back with a full live schedule as soon as we can, with the global pandemic permitting. Watch our Facebook page for more information as it comes. Thank you for listening!