Wakechild Toolkit

Thomas Wakechild, a renowned teacher of A Course In Miracles, published both A Course In Miracles for Dummies and more recently, A Course In Miracles Workbook for Dummies. He has also published his Tool Kit for Ending Conflict & Struggle in Your Life, and this is the basis for this show. (A Course In Miracles For Dummies is often referenced in the shows on the ACIM chapters.)

The purpose of the tool kit is to change your beliefs into beliefs that more closely match those suggested by A Course In Miracles. Wakechild lists twelve beliefs that will reshape your mind. These beliefs will change how you perceive the world. Your change in perceptions mean that you will experience a different, more loving world.

It’s not that the world changes – what the world has to offer you is still neutral. By accepting that YOU are the perceiver who chooses HOW to perceive the world, you acknowledge that you are the primary agent of change in your world. If you choose to see the world as a loving place, you will find it more loving.

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