Fans Show Echo Beach Some Saturday Love at the Plaza


Saturday night I caught the last set at the Echo Beach Album Release party for their first full-length album, Whale Songs. By that time, the Blackwell Hall, at the Plaza Hotel, was in full party mode. Echo Beach played tunes from their latest album and the dance floor and the area around it was packed. They played their mix of psychedelic pop, surf and rock and their admiring fans ate it up.  Emilio Pagnotta provided his usual fireworks on guitar. His very talented band-mates, Mac Lefevbre sang and provided rhythm guitar. Russ Walton, bass and Mark Fagg on drums, fill out this popular local band. They also, all provide vocals.

In this configuration at the venue, the audience could get very close to the artists and it made for a very intimate show. Their tune, “Sunday Love,” from Whale Songs, was the most memorable, in a night of memorable songs. Guitarist Emilio Pagnotta, surprised everyone, when he pulled out the trumpet and played a few notes.

They had more fun when Jackson Marshall, who had opened the evening with his band, Jackson and the Jims, joined them and did a bit of shredding. Earlier, members of Wrecked Beach, Blake Greer and Josh Kuliasa, had also provided a set.  Kamloops just witnessed another good night of music from a local band that could be going places.

There was also a fine arts component to the evening, and Kate Marshall painted


a gorgeous painting, on the spot, (above) that was auctioned off that evening.


Whale Songs is available at:

To contact Kate Marshall about her art: Instagram @artofkmarshall