Book Review: Secular Meditation

The book, Secular Meditation, written by Rick Heller; is subtitled 32 Practices For Cultivating Inner Peace, Compassion, and Joy. It’s presented as a guide from the Humanist Community at Harvard.

Humanists are non-religious and non-theistic. Despite that, what the book suggests fits well into a spiritual practice. In the foreword, it is noted that being a Humanist and rejecting any concept of the supernatural does not mean that you don’t want the positive aspects of religion, such as meditation and mindfulness. This  book focuses on both practices.

The first section is focused on loving-kindness, a Buddhist practice, to cultivate the good feelings of loving and kindness throughout your day. Such a practice can be treated as a 30-minute sitting meditation or it can be incorporated in brief bursts of focus at any time during your daily life.

Other sections include a focus on finding inner peace and cultivating joy. The final section, Additional Practices, includes a mediation called Yes! We Have No Bananas.

Spiritual gurus tell us not to fight against the world, but to accept with equanimity whatever happens. Not such as easy thing to do! Yes! We Have No Bananas is an approach to changing our attitudes towards acceptance and even joy, in the face of daily circumstances that we don’t find desirable.

The show aired March 3, 2020.

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