Awareness As Spirit

Does the saying, ‘The spirit lives on after death’ seem to be a bit too general for you? What happens if you replace the word ‘spirit’ with ‘awareness’? The show is based on Rupert Spira’s use of the words ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness’ for the part of you that lives forever; the real you, or the big ‘S’ Self as Ramana Maharshi used to say.

It’s an interesting concept that may be foreign to you unless you have listened to some of the previous shows on Rupert Spira’s work; specifically Being Aware of Being Aware, which is a review of his book by that title. (The first show is from March 2019, and the replay is available on this blog, or at There have been several shows since that also presented the concept of awareness or consciousness being that which is the real ‘you’ – not your body, not your mind. (Most recent was Feb. 12 2020 – easily found on the CFBX blog.)

Added to the concept of awareness as the real ‘you’ is the concept of the cycle of drama. In the cycle of drama, the mind chatters away like a monkey. It thinks of things that it should have said, things it could say, presents alternative scenarios, assesses potential threats to the ego, and creates drama by then taking action its interpretation of life – which may be completely incorrect.  Meanwhile, awareness simply sits back as the watcher of all this drama, and never affected by the drama.

Awareness is often compared to the movie screen that the movie plays out upon – the screen exists before the movie, lives on after the movie, and is never affected by the movie. Awareness was there before you were born, was not affected by your life, and lives on after the body dies.

If you would like to hear more on this topic, the show replay is here: