Chapter 29, A Course In Miracles

Chapter 29 continues the process of tying the whole Course together, quite emphatically with a discussion on idols and childhood playtimes.

An idol is whatever you value that both makes the dream real and stands between you and God. Perhaps your ideal is wealth; you value money more than God; and in your valuation of money, you encounter obstacles and work towards goals, thereby making the experience of the dream seem real to you. Your idol could just as easily be health; in your attempts to hold off death and illness, you place the body between yourself and God.

A child who plays with toys can get so into the game they are playing that they forget that they exist outside of the game. Chapter 29 tells us that this is what we have done. The idols are our toys, and we play with them so completely that we forget that we exist outside of the dream of this lifetime.

Chapter 29 reiterates that we are unlimited spirit that lives forever er, One with God, and never to be lost within the childish dream of playing with idols.

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