Enlightenment Is Already Here

People sometimes say, “We are already enlightened.” This can drive a spiritual seeker a bit crazy. If the seeker felt enlightened, he or she would not be seeking enlightenment.

The truth is that enlightenment is already here. Air is always here, but we don’t notice the air unless there is some reason for us to notice it: wind or COPD, for example. Unless we have some reason to notice air, we don’t generally notice that air is always already here. We focus on other things instead, and take the presence of air for granted. We don’t notice that the air is there.

Robert Wolfe, in his book Awakening To Infinite Presence: The Clarity Of Self Realization, raises some questions designed to help us notice that enlightenment is already here. We just haven’t noticed it.

We’ve been too busy thinking the way we almost always think, using the ego as our base to think from. Wolfe questions us to clarify just what it is we are seeking and why we are seeking it. He then begins turning us into a direction where our thinking can change, and we see the enlightenment that is always here.


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