18 Positionalities (aka Postulates)

A few shows back, I talked about how we have hidden beliefs, sometimes called positionalities (or sometimes called postulates).  These beliefs seem so obviously true – to ourselves, at least – that we just don’t bother to question them. Spiritually speaking, these beliefs will hold you back from enlightenment.

They do this by keeping your outlook focused on an egoic viewpoint. To quote Dr. David R. Hawkins, who wrote the list that this show is based upon;

“It can also be observed that many basic postulates have such wide acceptance that they are automatically uncritically subscribed to.  …  To the spiritual student, this awareness is of critical importance because each postulate establishes a context that is a constraint and limitation, with the resultant dualities of perception and belief.”

Dr. David R. Hawkins, Reality and Subjectivity, page 306

By narrowing your automatic viewpoint, you turn away spiritual perception before it can be seen. Check out the list of 18 positionalities (postulates) on the show replay.

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