Humbleness and Humility

These concepts seem to appear in every spiritual tradition, and rightly so – God (Allah, Source, Universe, One – whichever name you prefer to use) obviously is so much more powerful than the relatively frail human being. We ‘bow down’ before God; pray to God, and ask for miracles from God, all obvious acknowledgement of God’s power.

Yet our ego usually has difficulties in being humble. Humble seems to be a worthy concept, in that it means that you are not someone who touts your own horn. Yet in the physical world, touting yourself may be necessary to get ahead.

Humility, however, is closely associated with the word ‘humiliation’. That word is both painful and fearful to the ego. While humility is ‘having the quality of being humble” the ego simple finds the concept too painful to consider.

Egos are not known for being humble. ‘Egotistic’ refers to the person who does think a lot of themselves – the opposite of humble.


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