Dancing Off the Turkey Blues at the Grotto

Four local bands were booked at the Blue Grotto for a post-Christmas night of musical festivities on Friday December 27th. The bands in order of appearance were Jackson Marshall and the Jims, Echo Beach, Lost in the Woods and the headliners Mother Sun. Jackson Marshall’s talented group played a guitar laden heavy set of rock and jazz fusion, to start the night off. The dance floor filled immediately and did not empty for the whole evening. DSCN0990

Next up was Echo Beach. They played a cool, alt-rock set of originals. For this performance, they added Kris Ruston on keyboards, to fill out their already impressive sound. Bassist Russ Walton added some humorous banter and the band showed great stage presence.


Lost in the Woods, a local bluegrass band, proved to be an enjoyable change of pace in this rock-centric evening of music. It was nice to hear more instruments being used and they provided a double bass, banjo and fiddle, otherwise unseen that evening. And of course, they really know how to play them. While, the style of dancing changed a bit, the dance floor remained full. DSCN1015

Lastly, Mother Sun, recently seen at their album release party for their new album Caramel Clouds, played original songs from their new album. Many of the audience seemed to know their songs and they sang along as they danced. Along with vocals, Mother Sun combined dreamy, psychedelic sounds, from keyboards, kick-ass guitars, pulsating drums and percussion.

DSCN1031 (2)

They were joined by two, other percussion players on one of their songs. In all, it was a great night to leave the turkey coma behind, and dance off some of that Christmas feast. It seems that a good number of locals did.

As this is my last blog for 2019, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you, all, a Happy New Year!