We all have unconscious beliefs that stand in the way of our spirituality. To be open to the truth, we have to uncover these beliefs. “Presupposition” is the term for beliefs that are hidden in our use of language, and we seldom question presuppositions until they are brought to our attention. This show suggests some common presuppositions that stand in the way of many spiritual students.

Also called ‘positionalities’; these pre-formed opinions on life may be completely opposite to our preferred spiritual beliefs. This leads to behaviours that don’t match our supposed spiritual beliefs.

Presuppositions/positionalities need to be uncovered and questioned for you to determine how much of a hold they have on your life and ego.

One big one is: ‘something must be wrong’, or ‘this is a problem’. Notice how it seems obvious that this is true, at least in some parts of life. But spiritually speaking, everything is perfect as it is. Is it possible to reconcile the spiritual belief against the ego belief?

The show replay is here:

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