CFBX Yearender – Saturday, December 21st

Hi folks, CFBX is winding down the broadcast year and we’re going out with our annual on air Christmas party, the Yearender, on Saturday, December 21st from Noon to 8 PM. We’ll have lots of on air programmers hosting and being interviewed during the day, plus live musical guests, community members and a few suprises.

Drop by the station between Noon and 4 PM for a free CD, as our gift to you during this holiday season.

CFBX will be on the air over the Christmas holidays with a special syndicated mix of shows, and seasonal music mixed with our usual local music mix. A schedule will be posted on our website in the near future. We’re back with live programming the morning of Friday, January 3rd, 2020

Here is the Yearender schedule, updated as things develop.

Noon: Host: Ollie Kachmar


12:00: Patricia and Matthew House, local artists

12:15: Dev Shah, host of an untitled show (Monday 3-4 PM)

12:30: Carter Hodding, host of Windfall (Sundays 9-10 AM)

12:45: Teresa Lomax, host of Saturday at 1 (Saturday 1-2 PM)

1 PM: Host: Teresa Lomax


1:00: Ron Ste Marie, local musician

1:15: Roxanne Hall, local musician

1:30: Ollie Kachmar, host of the Beat (Wednesday 4-5 PM)

1:45: Ben McDougall, host of Hardkore Punk Projekt (Fridays 7-8 PM)

2 PM: Host: Peter Olsen


2:00: X Team, Kamloops Plugged in (Wednesday 7-9 AM)

2:15: Chris Doherty, local musician.

2:30: Henry Small, local musician and retired radio host

2:45: Brant Zwicker, host of Stormy Monday (Monday 4-5 PM)

3 PM: Host: Rod and Julie Simmons


3:00: Jason Bermiller, host of ProgDog (Monday 5-7 PM)

3:15: Debbi Lang, host of The Cosmic Detective (Monday 2-3 PM)

3:30: Vince Almond, host of Blues Boogie and Bop (Tuesday 4-5 PM)

3:45: Andrew Sahaydak, board member and former host

4 PM: Host: Andrew Sahaydak


4:00: Rod Simmons, host of When Swing Was King (Tuesday 7-8 PM)

4:15: Julie Simmons, host of On the Marquee (Tuesday 8-9 PM)

4:30: Annette Gauthier, board member, Kamloops Players


5 PM: Host: Faith Bateman


5:00: Steve Marlow, host, Do Not Touch This Amp (Friday 8-9 PM)

5:15: Steve Marlow, host of The Top 30 Show (Saturday Noon-1 PM)



6 PM: Host: Jeremy Androsoff


6:00: Faith Bateman, host of Commitment Issues (Thursday 5-6 PM)

6:15: Myles Gregory, host of Broken Glass (Sunday 9-10 PM)

6:30: Richie Tronson, host of This Microphone Smells (Monday 8-9 PM)

6:45: Mike Trudeau, host of For the Hearing Prepared (Sunday 4-5 PM)

7 PM: Host: Bart Cummins


7:00: Jeremy Androsoff, host of Animed in Japan (Sunday 2-4 PM)

7:15: Dipak Parmar, former shost of Bollywood Beats


7:45: Bart Cummins, host of Cake Batter (Saturday 2-3 PM)