“Retreat” Explores Human Nature in an Unnatural Setting

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On Friday November 29th I attended the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre production of Retreat by Kat Sandler. It took place at the Black Box Theatre at Thompson Rivers University. Retreat is comedy/drama hybrid which owes homage to television shows like Big Brother and Survivor, along with the motion picture Hunger Games. Four interns from a large company are taken, blindfolded, to a camp in the woods. They are given no information. The only other person there is a facilitator/camp leader, who seems to know only slightly more than they do about this exercise. Each one is given a token and instructions to garner all four tokens at any cost. As the flyer says, “What begins as as a darkly funny exercise in deception and manipulation, quickly turns deadly as the camp descends into chaos.” Retreat, directed by Robin Nichol, explores human nature, survival in an isolated environment, and unethical human resources practices by big companies. img062 (2)

The cast of five actors, all had significant parts and performed their roles admirably. It was a very enjoyable evening. Check out the flyer, below, for more upcoming productions from the TRU Actors Workshop Theatre.