Volunteer Profile: Corey Somers

Catch Corey Somers every Thursday with his show, Secret Radio!

  1. How long have you been doing your radio show?

Corey S-I have been doing my show since 2013.

  1. What made you want to volunteer with CFBX?

I volunteered at CJSW in the nineties and loved it. I love all that campus community stands for. I love the fact that there are alternative perspectives in spoken word and music and you can find that on CFBX.

  1. What is your show about? What can we hear in your show?

In the 90s I used to manage a pizza place and we would listen to the classic rock radio all the time. I got really sick of it. Then during late night I discovered CBC’s Brave New Waves and Nightlines these two show were very eclectic and played a wide range of undergound, experimental and electronic music. I take inspiration from those shows and try to play a mix of punk, indie, expermental, and classic alternative. The show is kind of a journey through the landscape of music that has inspired me. If you don’t like what you hear stick around for the next set because you are going to hear something completely different.

  1. What makes your show unique? Why should we tune in?

I grew up in the punk and indie scene of the nineties and was raised on the alternative and new wave of the eighties. I think you should tune because I can share not only the new indie but some of the gems from the scene that I was involved with back in the day.

  1. What was the best show you’ve done to date?

This is a tough question. I did a show called Love and Friendship that I really liked but I think my best show is still coming. I am prepping for a best of show for the past decade its going to be a good one.

  1. Name an artist you’ve discovered in the past year you think your audience should know about?

I really like the local punk band Outpatient. I love there sound.

  1. What was a recent live concert or show you have been to that you enjoyed and why you enjoyed it?

This is something I haven’t done as much this year. The best shows that I saw were when Zack’s was still a thing. I really enjoyed several shows there. The ones that stand out are Cygnets, No Problem and The CORPs.

  1. Are there any local artists, writers or musicians that you think your audience should know about?

I really like this young guy Connor Heighton who busks around town and wrote this one song folly of man which I really love.

  1. Name another show on CFBX you enjoy and why you enjoy it.

I am a little biased as I think Thursday afternoon is the best day to listen CFBX. Cayman Duncan’s Mind the Gap (Thursday 4=5 PM) is after my show. He plays lots of good stuff and I have discovered lots of cool stuff through him. After Cayman is Faith’s show (Thursday 5-6 PM). She’s really enthusiastic and plays good stuff. Thursday afternoon form 3-6 is great block of programming with lots of diversity.

  1. What are your plans for your show in the next year?

I want to plan my shows a little better and share more about the artist that I play and the local acts coming to town.