ThunderChild’s Funky Revolution Shakes the Pogue

DSCN0533 (3)Kamloops has a revolution going, and it’s real funky. The six member funk band ThunderChild has been playing live gigs around the city for happy, dancing audiences for a while. I caught up to them at Pogue Mahone’s Irish Alehouse on Saturday October 26th. They were opening for a Calgary band and started the night off right. From the first thump of the bass, until they finished their last song, the dance floor was full.

The band consists of guitar, drums and bass, with three vocalists and they certainly “got the funk out.” The majority of their show was original material. According to their Facebook page, Eric Shwalb rocks out on guitar, Jesse Taylor brings on the pulsating drums and vocals and Chai Ellis plays the funky bass and provides lead vocals.

DSCN0533 (4)

DSCN0547 (3)

Kirsty Sykes, Danielle Bailey and Liz Brown provide great texture with both backing and lead vocals. ThunderChild’s material stands up well and much of the music evokes Prince, James Brown and other greats from the funk world. “Groove It or Lose It” evoked Prince. “Smalltown Shakedown” had a James Brown feel and “Ear Muff” seemed a ThunderChild synthesis of their exposure to the genre. It’s great to see a local band heavily involved in composing and performing original music. To get ThunderChild music go to