Hooligans Invade The Kami Inn


The Kami Inn hosted it’s most recent punk show on October 19th. The River Jacks, from Calgary, opened for our local punk band the SoundCity Hooligans. The River Jacks played a lively set, that at times showed influences from bands like the Pogues. DSCN0425

Although, they were down one band member, they put on a great performance. The knowledgeable Kamloops audience showed them their love and danced and jumped along with the ‘Jacks.

Then it was time for the SoundCity Hooligans. DSCN0444 (2)They consist of Bobby Hooligan Hill on guitar and vocals, Santa Deucey, also on guitar and vocals, Dustin Bremner bass and vocals and Steve Kinnee on drums.

They have an extensive set list which includes “Riot,” “This Generation,” “Crushing Cans,” “United,” and quite a few others. They have that classic punk sound! Both their selection of tunes and their talent and performance are a testament as to why the SoundCity Hooligans have achieved iconic status in Kamloops, and beyond.

By the time they got on the small Kami stage, the place was packed, the joint was jumping and everybody danced and sang along.

DSCN0459 It was a great party and it’s great to see the support that the Kamloops punk community gives to these shows.