Sweater Kittens Big Sound Rocks the Kami

The Sweater Kittens have had a busy year. In May they toured Saskatchewan and Alberta. Guitarist Ashley Walshbarr appeared at the TRU Back to School BBQ and on September 21st they were part of a double bill at the Kami Inn. DSCN0304 SK ALL 3.JPG

The bill listed Vancouver’s Strange Breed, appearing with the Sweater Kittens. After the Caribbean Festival I caught the end of the Sweater Kittens’ gig. The Kami Inn was full of their fans and they were having a great time, dancing and singing along to the trio. Ashley Walshbarr on lead guitar kept the heavy, grunge vibe going.

DSCN0294 SK A1Mallory Johnson made stellar contributions on bass and lead vocals and managed to be heard above the fun, boisterous crowd and her fellow band-mates.  DSCN0297 SK M 2

Rob Simpson held down the drum fort admirably and added some fireworks during a few drum solos. DSCN0298 SK D 2

Sweater Kittens have released an album called “Good for You.” “GFY” is available on most streaming platforms and on their website sweaterkittens.com.

DSCN0303 SK M 3