The Good Guy Wears White at Music in the Park


On Aug 15th Kelowna’s Ben Klick brought his white cowboy suit and his trio to Music in the Park for an evening of country, folk, rock, and even shards of metal. Klick plays lead guitar and sings. Cyril Schermann plays bass and adds some background vocals. Klick and Schermann have a good stage relationship and Schermann showed off his talents on a couple of bass instruments. Lastly, our own, Darrin (Dirt) Cherewayko mans the drum kits and also provides some vocals. Cherewayko, is another musician, who is highly proficient in many musical genres and Klick’s arrangements allow him to show off his impressive talents.

They are a very tight unit and Ben Klick is an exceptional guitar player. Mike Miltmore of Lee’s Music and Riversong Guitars, provided a beautiful guitar, which Klick used for a few numbers. Fan favourites (and there were too many too name them all) were Alan Jackson’s “I Don’t Even Know Your Name,” Garth Brooks’s “Longneck Bottle,” and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Fishing in the Dark.” Later, his mashup of “Wagon Wheel” (Rock Me Mama) by Darius Rucker, seamlessly, morphed into “If I Had a Million Dollars” by the Bare Naked Ladies. While essentially a country act, Klick has a portion of the show where he does a brief metal mashup honoring Deep Purple, AC/DC and others. DSCN9545str
Klick also played a number of originals including “Off Road.” His first concert he attended was Shania Twain. Because of this he includes her hit “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” While this could become a joke, Klick shows respect and stays true to this massive hit, that is intended to be sung by a woman. Only, the affable Ben Klick could pull it off. The trio provided a great night of music and rewarded their happy, dancing fans with a number of encores. Klick also visited with fans before the show, sang Happy Birthday for another fan and did a medley of requests. Just like in the cowboy movies, the good guy does wear white. DSCN9551


The guitars Ben Klick used for his Music in the Park 2019 show.