Advaita (Oneness)

Advaita – not-two, or Oneness.

Sanskrit for not-two, Advaita is the term most commonly used for non-duality.

It’s very difficult to explain the truth of who we are without using the concept of oneness or non-duality – meaning, not two, not three, not four, not hundreds or millions of different things.

We can understand it intellectually but not accept it emotionally. This is where the ego hangs on – the ego is our habitual, conditioned way of thinking of the world as being made up of many different things. Each of these different things has to be assessed, judged, and found useful to us, or not. This way of thinking with the ego is deeply ingrained.

When a spiritual teacher tries to explain the reality of Oneness, he or she has to use the terms in which we think (multiplicity of things) to explain Oneness. The two concepts cannot co-exist together.  This is why A Course In Miracles states repeatedly that you have to choose between two ways of thinking – God’s way (Oneness, where all are One) or the ego’s way – everything is separate and different.

Most, if not all of the spiritual students I have spoken with have talked of Oneness as if they were joining multiple things together into One. This is an incorrect way of looking at Oneness. That which is One can never be divided. If you see the world as multiple things coming together into One, you are taking multiple things and bringing the fractions back together into One. 

 Oneness can never be divided, except in our our thoughts (the ego.) This is a subtle but important principle.

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