Big Fancy/Lost in the Woods at Pizza Pi

Another eclectic concert at Pizza Pi, who have have been hosting anywhere from metal and punk to folk and jazz lately. Saturday, July 6th saw them hosting locals Lost in the Woods and Big Fancy, coming down to Kamloops from way up north.

Lost in the Woods.jpg

Lost in the Woods started about a half hour late, at 9:30 PM (I suspect to let the venue fill up some). They’re a local Kamloops acoustic band with a punk rock heart. The four piece was made up of acoustic guitar, banjo, stand up bass and fiddle, and the band played huddled around a single microphone. And true to that picture, they played an ultra-fast and tight style of Appalachian bluegrass complete with some four-part vocal harmonies. They barely slowed down in their entire set, taking breaks only when they screwed up an opening, or a couple of times when they switched instruments.

Big Fancy.jpg

Big Fancy, hailing from the tiny town of Fort Fraser, BC, hit the stage about 10:30, with his band the Shiddy Cowboys. Just looking at them, you knew what you were going to get. Matching outfits of black, embroidered shirts, white fringe on the sleeves and matching black shows. This was a traditional country act. Big Fancy was the main focus, on vocals and lead guitar, with a fantastic low-key fiddle filling in most of the rest of the sound. His style of country is heartbreak songs, with a lot coming from his latest solo album, Songs to Be Broken Up with By. They did a solo hour long set, with the final song being played by Big Fancy solo, just his voice and guitar, while the rest of the band left the stage to leave him alone, much like the theme of most of his songs.