Volunteer Profile: Jeremy Androsoff

Catch Jeremy’s show, Anime-d in Japan, every Sunday 2-4 PM.

1)      HoGreen Rangerw long have you been doing your radio show?

As of June 19th of this year, my show, “Animé-d in Japan ‘Insanity on the Radio'” will be 14 years old. I am one of the original creators of this show, originally starting with 5 of us collaborating, and I am essentially the lone remainder after all this time.

2)      What made you want to volunteer with CFBX?

I have always wanted to have a radio or TV show, and after attending UCC from 2001-2003, I heard about CFBX from a classmate of mine. I am also the president of the Kamloops Anime Club, and in 2004 we started talking about different ways we could branch out; one being a radio show and the other a potential magazine. Needless to say, the radio show far outlived the fledgling magazine idea, and so our show began as a one hour program every Sunday from 3-4 pm. The X offered us the platform to present Japanese music on local radio, and we worked with a mix of anime music, gaming music, as well as J-Pop, J-Rock and others. It’s hard to remember exactly when it happened, but our show transitioned to the current two hour format sometime prior to 2010, and throughout the years I’ve experimented with different formats, and I think the current one has served the best in terms of presenting the material in a way that successfully connects to the listeners. Part of me would still love to explore the idea of putting together a mini soap opera style show one day, just like the radio dramas were like back in the day. Guiding Light was my inspiration for this, not to mention the audio books and dramas you can still find today.

3)      What is your show about? What can we hear in your show?

The primary mandate has always been to present Japanese music in general. I love that it’s such a broad term, because it basically makes it an eclectic show. We have different genres throughout, such as Pop, Rock, Enka (kind of the Japanese version of Country), Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae and more! I love to feature a mix of my personal favourite artists and also some I’ve never even heard of until I’m researching and putting together the show playlist for the week.

4)      What makes your show unique? Why should we tune in?

Several things about my show are unique I think. One is that I format it like a television show in that the commercial break is generally half way through the program. This is similar to the anime screenings in Japan, and kind of akin to broadcasts in Europe, etc. I’ve never been a fan of several breaks interrupting the main attraction. This year specifically, I have been highlighting music from the Sailor Moon Musicals, which have run every year from 1993-2005 and then picked up again from 2013-present.

I always feature a song each from what I call “The Big Four,” which are four performers who have influenced my musical tastes in Japan’s landscape the most; these ladies are Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada, Megumi Hayashibara and lecca. lecca (stylized with the small ‘l’,) was the first Japanese Reggae singer I ever heard, and her voice moves away from the general higher scale a lot of people attribute to female singers, and I really enjoy her style. Ayumi Hamasaki has a larger than life performance presence on stage, and I find myself performing a lot of her songs when I’m up on stage myself. Hikaru Utada has been called Japan’s version of Brittany Spears, but her music is very soulful, and she herself is bilingual, having grown up in New York. She has released several Japanese albums, as well as 2 successful English albums to date. Megumi Hayashibara’s claim to fame is primarily as a voice actress in a LOT of Japanese Anime series (Slayers, Evangelion, Love Hina, Pokemon and so many more) and she has performed theme songs for most of these shows, as well as some original content as well. These are just a few of the amazing performers I play.

Plus, I dabble in some of the Billboard 100 Japanese hits, and I LOVE presenting obscure offerings as well. While my show is primarily “World Music focusing entirely on Japan,” I like to play the occasional English or German or even Spanish or French songs which have ties to dubbed episodes of different Anime series. An example of this, would be anything by the German Sailor Moon tribute band, “Super Moonies.” I also present news features at 2:30 and 3:30 each week, hitting on anime and industry news, as well as what’s going on in the Japanese music world. Occasionally, I like to throw in completely random wrenches into the grand scheme of things; a great example of this was my “Soap Opera Report” which I ran for about a year and half, oh probably around 2013/2014 I think. You never really know what’s going to happen. With that said though, every year I do replay the exact same playlist the show debuted with in 2005, around the anniversary of the show’s inception.

5)      What was the best show you’ve done to date?

This is a hard one to answer. Instead of just choosing one, I’ll mention a series I did for about a year, which I believe replaced the “Soap Opera Report” and one of the news segments. Essentially I would choose a specific artist and feature them, giving a bio and playing a song from their repertoire that I felt highlighted them the best. This all came about from a specific stand alone show I did early on which entirely featured the life and times of Megumi Hayashibara up to that point. I had a lot of fun researching deeper into her background, and it was one of the VERY few scripted shows I’ve actually done. Most of the time I improv as I go, because you just never know what to expect on live radio and that is the most enticing aspect to me. I also love the Christmas specials I do because I love Christmas itself! And it’s one of the few times I can bring out the Christmas music and not get shamed for it! lol.

I’ve recently also started running some “anime dedicated” shows, where every single song is either an opening or ending theme song for an anime series, or is featured as an episodic insert song. These are fun and probably have the most eclectic feel to them, despite the shared overall ‘theme.”

6)      Name an artist you’ve discovered in the past year you think your audience should know about?

LADYBABY is fascinating. Taking generic bubble gum pop style music and adding in a screamo/death metal element is not something I ever would have considered working well, but then this group came along and all bets were off. It’s kind of like The Rednex with their AMAZING brand of Country-Techno… who knew that was something we all needed in our lives?

7)      What was a recent live concert or show you have been to that you enjoyed and why you enjoyed it?

I had the absolute pleasure to see Céline Dion in Las Vegas in January with my mom and my brothers. She. was. AMAZING! I have been a life long Céline fan, and her voice just absolutely astounds me. Prior to that I got to see Whigfield, Prozzak and AQUA in an omnibus style concert in Abbotsford last September, and Lady Gaga the year before in Vancouver. Along the way I’ve been fortunate to experience some Japanese performers at Anime Revolution and International Fan Festival, both anime conventions I work with. I’ve seen Megumi Nakajima, Konomi Suzuki, Megumi Ogata, KOTOKO and ORIGA to name a few. I enjoy ANYTHING that is over the top and theatrical, so Lady Gaga’s show overall, probably impressed me the most. At least in terms of the ones I’ve witnessed live. Her use of the entire arena as a stage, including a costume change up in the air, just appealed to my inner performer. She, Ayumi Hamasaki and Cher, as overall stage performers, absolutely appeal to me the most.

8)      Are there any local artists, writers or musicians that you think your audience should know about?

I feel weird saying this, but I, myself, am a performer. I actually have entered CBC’s searchlight contest a few times over the years. You can find a lot of my stuff on my YouTube Channel (just look up my name, Jeremy Androsoff.) I perform some original stuff, but I’m most well known for my parodies, and English and Japanese covers. My website is jeremyandrosoff.com.

Now that the self promotion is out of the way, I was recently super excited to see my former High School French teacher, Ron Ste. Marie, put out an album recently called, Full Moon Rising. I happily played him as my Canadian Content artist for a few shows. I’d also recommend Madison Olds, who has an album called Blue. She also entered the CBC Searchlight contest this year, and you can her her song “Thank You,” played a lot on B100.

9)      Name another show on CFBX you enjoy and why you enjoy it.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mike Trudeau’s show, For The Hearing Prepared, which is right after mine on Sundays (4pm). Mike has an amazingly soothing voice, and his choices of music are quite unique and I love that. On The Marquee hosted by Julie and Rod Simmons on Tuesdays at 8 pm, appeals to the Musical lover in me. Such a fun show featuring truly different music from what you’d normally hear on commercial radio. And a special shout out to Ben’s show, Hardkore Punk Project on Fridays at 7 pm. Ben is probably the youngest programmer at our station, and while Metal isn’t my own personal taste, I greatly admire his dedication and love for radio at such a young age. I think he is also a great example and beacon of hope, per se, with regard to the future of radio continuing on for many years to come!