Volunteer Profile: Angelo Anastasio

One of our many volunteers broadcasting in a non-English language, Angelo Anastasio can be heard Monday mornings 9-10 AM with Panorama Italiano!

1. HoAngelow long have you been doing your radio show?

I’ve been doing my show for about 3 years.

2. What made you want to volunteer with CFBX?

I have always been interested in radio at 360 degrees. I am a ham radio operator/ enthusiast, I also like SWL (shortwave listening) and the thought of being able to work as a “deejay “on a radio station has always fascinated me.

3. What is your show about? What can we hear in your show?

My show is obviously about Italian music. Not a specific type, all types, from classical, jazz, rock, pop, oldies, folk music. And also music in dialects. Italy has about 40-50 dialects. Each region has music in their own dialects. It’s about the broad range of Italian music.

4. What makes your show unique? Why should we tune in?

I think it’s the only Italian show in the BC Interior. I think there’s one in Victoria.

5. What was the best show you’ve done to date?

My best show? The one that I like is the one I do on the Thanksgiving Day weekend, which is an all covers show of famous English or American rock songs covered in Italian. I started with just 7 or 8 songs, but through talking with people here and over the web, I’ve got about 40-50 songs now. I also like my Christmas show, with Italian Christmas songs.

6. Name an artist you’ve discovered in the past year you think your audience should know about?

I’ve discovered Canadian musicians who play Italian music. Paolo Busato, from Ontario. Michael Cuifo, Grenville Pinto, too.

7. What was a recent live concert or show you have been to that you enjoyed and why you enjoyed it?

Unfortunately, no. I don’t really have the time.

8. Are there any local artists, writers or musicians that you think your audience should know about?

A local artist just did one album and doesn’t sing or produce album, named Alida, Alida Annichairico. She’s a vocal coach in Vancouver now.

9. Name another show on CFBX you enjoy and why you enjoy it.

I like them all, but in particular I like Ollie Kachmar’s show (The Beat, Wednesdays 4-5 PM), Rick Albert’s show (Rick Around the World, Tuesdays 5-7 PM), Alternative Eye (Wednesdays 2-3 PM) and Julie Simmons’ show on Broadway music (On the Marquee, Tuesdays 8-9 PM).

10. What are your plans for your show in the next year?

I’m trying to get as much new material as I can. I’ve been in contact with a band that does Medieval-type music. They perform in costume, almost like Vikings, they use drums and play primitive-type music.