Harps and Heartstrings – Diemm at Pizza Pi

Saturday, May 11th,  2019 saw Pizza Pi, on Victoria Street, play host to a multi talented singer-songwriter, harper, and poet by the name of Diemm. Dawna McLennan aka Diemm hails from Kaslo, BC and made the drive up to Kamloops, in a day, for the first stop on her week long tour of the Interior and the Okanagan.
Diemm brought with her her harp and her new album Ten Thousand Miracles, the title taken from her song ‘Ten Thousand Miracles in a Roomful of Regrets’. She started at 8 PM sharp, with album opener, ‘Carry Me Through’. Her lyricism shone through right from the beginning, with such gems as “teach me to love you, fully, freely, and completely”, and, “this heart carries me through”, both from , ‘Carry Me Through’, showcasing her poetic nature.
Her songs were packed with meaning and intention and it showed in lines like, “If I were a bird I would use my wings to hold up the sky”, taken from her song, ‘Silence Becomes Song’, and in lines like, “I believe you want to want to love me”, and, “fall in love like embers fall into flame.”, from, ‘Want to Want to’.
The minimalist pairing of her voice and her harp leant itself nicely to originals and covers alike, at once making songs by Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams, and the Beatles even more haunting and heartbreaking. She finished her first set with a beautiful cover of, ‘Blackbird’, by the Beatles, to much applause.
In her second set she played new songs and repeats for those who walked in off the street. She drew in quite a few people from outside, into Pizza Pi, due to the allure of her voice and her harp. A young man risked having his bike stolen just to hear her play. If you missed Diemm the first time around, she will be back in Kamloops next Saturday, May 18, at The Art We Are.
– Richard Tronson, This Microphone Smells!
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