Vanden Dool/Ruby Bruce at the Art We Are

The Art We Are continued it’s showcase of touring acts on Saturday, April 6th, playing host to Lethbridge’s Vanden Dool.


Opening the night was local artist Ruby Bruce. She played a variety of acoustic pop tunes on her acoustic guitar, and her lovely singing voice. Outside of several original tracks, she played a couple of mainstream covers, including a track from Hozier, and an interesting pop interpretation of Post Malone’s “Sunflower”. She brought along a big entourage of family and friends to cheer her on.


Vanden Dool, the alter ego of Ty Vanden Dool, had a complicated set up crammed into the small performance space, which included a big analog keyboard, a small laptop, a sampler, a foot-driven effects pad and an old-school drum machine. Despite being only in his 20s, his music is inspired heavily from 80s synth-pop, replete with tortured love ballads and paeans to doomed relationships. Midway through his set, he brought out an acoustic guitar, and played it as his keyboard and machines looped electronics behind it. The highlight was a feedback drenched version of “Astronaut”, a track from his new self-titled album.