Dancers Follow Michelle Simpson Around Town

Michelle Simpson, vocals.       Jeremy Kneeshaw, guitar and vocals

April was a busy month for local live music and I finally got a chance to check out the Michelle Simpson Band. Their gig at Chances was well attended. Despite the many wonderful amenities offered by Chances, much of the crowd was there to dance. During the first set there was no real defined dance floor and people danced in areas around their tables. By the second set the dance floor was more defined and filled up quickly. The Simpson quartet gave them tunes with which to dance and sing along. Their sets combined bluesy tracks like “Superstition,” “Hey Bartender,” “Hit the Road Jack,” “I Put a Spell on You,” and more. One patron remarked, “That little girl sure has a big voice,” and indeed she does. Jeremy Kneeshaw also provided great vocals and guitar. The rhythm section of Neil Brun and Ron Corea provided fine backing and stepped out with a bit of fireworks from time to time.

Neil Brun, bass            Ron Corea, drums

Other favourites with the crowd were, the perennial sing-along, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” “The House of the Rising Sun,” and “Labamba.” With a huge catalogue of pop, R&B, country and blues tunes, it is not surprising that the talented Michelle Simpson Band has such dedicated followers.