Blackdaze at The Duchess

DSCN7684feature photoI was still in high school, in 1970, when the first Black Sabbath album was released. This self-titled epic sounded the bell that heavy metal was here to stay. While the band broke up long ago, it’s lead singer Ozzie Osbourne fashioned a career that still flourishes to this day. If not for an illness, he would be on tour now. This brings us to present day Kamloops and the local tribute band Blackdaze. Last weekend brothers Russ (Ozzie vocals) and Rich Graham, drums and vocals, along with Darren Jones on bass, and Todd Floodstrum on guitar appeared as Blackdaze.  The gig, at the only remaining bar with exotic dancers in Kamloops, was packed with people from, presumably, all genders. Between band breaks the exotic dancers provided entertainment on a stage in another section of the club. Blackdaze has the Black Sabbath/Ozzie Osbourne tribute down to a science. Russ Graham, did a couple of costume changes (off stage) and came off as a talented, younger, energetic version of Ozzy Osbourne.


Russ (Ozzie) Graham

Floodstrum handled the guitar duties with aplomb. At times I thought I was hearing more than one guitarist. Bassist Darren Jones blew the place away with an amazing bass solo, too and provided steady rhythm throughout the show.

DSCN7672todd djDSCN7657

Todd Floodstrom, guitar and Darren Jones, bass

Rich Graham created fireworks on the drums all night and had patrons talking about his drum solo on Facebook hours later.


Rich Graham, drums and vocals

The fog machines provided concert ambiance and Blackdaze provided three great sets of music spanning the career of these two iconic metal bands. Among the Sabbath favourites were “Iron Man,” “Paranoid,” and “War Pigs.” Ozzie lovers got “Mama I’m Coming Home,” “Crazy Train” and many more. The dancers filled the floor and groups of guys whipped their heads back and forth to Floodstrom’s notes.




It’s not surprising that Blackdaze plays packed gigs throughout the interior. It was a great night for metal fans in Kamloops.