Fans Fill The Kami For a Punk Triple Bill

On Thursday April 4th the punk community of Kamloops filled the Kami Inn to take in a rare offering of punk music. The River Jacks from Calgary, The Toxiks from Vancouver and the iconic, SoundCity Hooligans from Kamloops, did not disappoint their fans. The opening band was the The Toxiks. The Vancouver based group included Sean Spear on his cool mirror guitar and vocals, Nate Pole on drums, Jayme Daniel Black on bass and vocals,  and Ryan Hrycan on guitar and vocals. Hrycan is a former Kamloopsian. The Toxiks are a straight-ahead punk band. They paid homage to AC/DC’s great vocalist Bon Scott with their tune “Bon Fire,” and that bands influences could be heard in their music.

The Toxiks

Next up were the River Jacks from Calgary. They consist of Andy ‘The Mandrill’ Shannon on accordion and vocals, Spencer Jo on guitar and vocals, Mikey Blotto on drums, and Tyler Burton on guitar and vocals. 

They had a strong punk vibe and on occasion, the accordion brought a world music vibe mixed with punk, sometimes reminiscent of the Celtic punk of The Pogues and at other times, a near klezmer flavour. Moshing ensued!DSCN7595
The final act of the evening were the venerable SoundCity Hooligans, a real, honest, old school in your face, mosh ’til you bleed punk band. They have been on the Kamloops scene for over ten years and are still laying down that punk groove. They consist of Bobby Hooligan Hill, guitars & vocals, Dustin Bremner, bass guitar and vocals,


Steve Kinnee, drums, and Santa Deucey, guitar  and vocals. They were in fine form and  the mosh pit at The Kami was overflowing with happy, whooping fans dancing to the likes of “Break the Mould” and “Friends.”

There have long been rumors of the demise of punk, but this has been greatly exaggerated. The three bands put on a wild, energetic show to the delight of the packed house in The Kami. Some mentioned that there are plenty of young punks in town  cutting their chops.

The next appearance for the SoundCity Hooligans will be on Wed April 24th at the Blue Grotto. Should be fun!