Built-In Blocks to Enlightenment

Among the many blocks to enlightenment, at least these three major ones are built-in to our usual lives: our language of separation, fear/self-protectiveness, and the concept of the future.

Our very language assumes separation. We live our lives in a world where as soon as we name something, it is assumed to be a discrete, separate or separable object. Even the use of the word ‘who’ implies someone as a separate person.

Once we learned to see ourselves as separate, fear became built in as self-protection and selfishness. With everyone using self-protection, this naturally created conflict, which led to even more self-protection – what we call fear.

Our fear was always for what might happen – not what was happening in the moment of now, but what might happen in the next instant. Our concept of a future made sure that we always looked ahead, as well as back at the past, to try to control what might happen in the future. The very concept of a future amplified our fear.

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