Nasti Weather/Danny Bell at Pizza Pi

Pizza Pi in downtown Kamloops recently opened a live concert space and touring bands have started to come through town to play there. It’s great to have another intimate concert venue to see great live music in town!

Wednesday, March 27th saw Prince George’s Danny Bell and Vancouver’s Nasti Weather played Pizza Pi as part of their Western Tour, which took them out to Calgary and Edmonton.

Danny Bell

Danny Bell played first. He played the accordion and sang with no accompaniment, which made for a nice, minimalist set of music. He started with a Woody Guthrie cover, then played nothing but his own material afterwards. His music is reminscent of Geoff Berner, if only for the accordion, but less booze-addled. He had the story-telling style of a classic folk singer, but with the stories of a slacker 20-something eking out a living in a BC small city.

Nasti Weather

Nasti Weather, the alter ego of Ana Schlechleitner, plays the banjo and sings. Her work is not just the traditional folk you’d expect to hear from a banjo player. There’s the usual confessional style folk-pop, but she merges it with the world-weary wisdom of a classic country blues singer, and the rollicking styles of indy rock. Joining her were Danny Bell on drums and Shane Ranger on upright bass. Nasti Weather did a long set, more than an hour, and almost all original material. She ran her four string banjo into an amplifier, making the evening much louder than anyone expected. Her music was soul-bearing, with her talking about her struggles with depression and defending herself from sexual harassment in high school hallways. Her voice had the timbre of an old-time blues singer, gruff but soaring. Each song was accentuated with a playful side kick towards Shane Ranger, the bass player.

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