The Absolute

When we hear the words, “Absolute”, “Infinite” or “God”, what do we think of? Do we think of all three as the same thing?

For myself, concepts of absolute or infinite didn’t make any sense to me as a child in church. God the Almighty did! But this idea of something infinite just didn’t work for me, and that is because we are literally trained by life to think in a relative-thinking manner. 

In relative thinking, we constantly compare one thing to another, separate one thing from another, and judge one thing as better than another. In all this separating, comparing and judging, we forget that we are continually thinking in terms of things.

Things are separate from each other – they have definition, they have borders, and a clear beginning or end. They can be measured. They can be located, or moved between two places. They might be start and stop with time, like flowers that grow from the ground in spring, finish, and disappear again. Everything in our world is finite. We’ve been trained to think that way.

So to consider the Absolute, or the Infinite, takes a change in thinking. To think FROM the viewpoint of the Absolute is considered self-realization, or enlightenment.

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