Chapter 20, A Course In Miracles

Chapter 20, titled A Vision of Holiness, was transcribed at Easter and makes a few references to the Holy Week. It’s hard to pretend the Course is not Christian-based, or written for all, not just Christians, when it refers to the symbols of Christianity so plainly. Holy Week is “the symbol of the journey with your Christ Mind.” 

As part of the course I am currently taking on ACIM, the discussion was about how the Course is for all, nincluding non-Christians. My comments were that only Christians would have the background to understand parts of the Course, and this chapter is an example of that.

The continual use of the words Christ and Holy Spirit should make that clear to all. Palm Sunday just adds to the Christian sound of the Course.

The message of the Course really isn’t about Christianity (it just sounds like it on the surface.) The message is still clear: see the innocence of all; always offer love, not fear, and look to reality instead of the illusion of life that we live.

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