Being Aware of Being Aware

Rupert Spira published a small book, titled, Being Aware of Being Aware. The Sufi saying, “I searched for myself and found only God; I searched for God and found only myself” becomes clear in this small volume.

Being aware is a continual state, although the focus of your awareness is variable. Your level or focus of conscious awareness clearly changes; the underlying awareness does not. (That awareness is sometimes called the life force within.) What you experience is what you are aware of.

You can do as science does, and focus on progressively smaller bits of knowledge, to break the universe down into more and more tiny bits of info. Alternatively, you can focus on the oneness of all. (In an upcoming show, we will focus more on the difference between the two perspectives.)

For now, you get to choose. How involved are you in the movie being played on the great movie screen of life? Are you the participant, the watcher of the movie, or the screen itself? Your choice.

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