Volunteer Profile: Mallory Johnson

Mallory Johnson is a veteran programmer and a constant presence in the local music scene. Catch The Gripes of Wrath every Sunday night 7-8 PM.

image0031. How long have you been doing your radio show?

If my math is correct, I’ll be celebrating my 10 year anniversary with CFBX soon. Apparently the traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin or aluminum. Just sayin’.

2. What made you want to volunteer with CFBX?

I earned a Bachelor of Journalism here at TRU, but there was no broadcast element to the program at the time. I’ve always had an interest in the art of radio and broadcasting, so I started a radio show at CFBX and proposed it as a Directed Study course to earn a few extra credits. When I graduated, I was simply unable to give up my weekly dose of radio, and have kept it in my life ever since.

3. What is your show about? What can we hear in your show?

My show, The Gripes of Wrath, is an eclectic theme-based show. Each week you can hear an exploration of a particular theme that takes us through different genres, with my personal musings sprinkled throughout.

4. What makes your show unique? Why should we tune in?

My show is unique in its thematic structure. Definitely tune in to hear the inventive segues I’m forced to create in order to weave my musical hour-long web. I also try to select truly interesting music, but of course this is an excitingly subjective aspect of radio.

5. What was the best show you’ve done to date?

Oh boy. Hard to name a singular top contender with all these shows under my belt, but one memory rising to the surface was a show about mythological and cryptozoological creatures that really came together nicely. There are a surprising amount of sasquatch-related songs out there.

shannon6. Name an artist you’ve discovered in the past year you think your audience should know about?

Kandle is a sultry, swampy, indie rock artist based in Montreal has stood out as a must-listen this year. Check out her latest release, Holy Smoke. Shannon & The Clams is also at the top of my list, for their irresistibly melodic and moving surf-rock sound on their latest album Onion.

7. What was a recent live concert or show you have been to that you enjoyed and why you enjoyed it?

To only name one is hard, but in November I finally had the chance to see Neko Case in concert at the Vogue (Vancouver). She is deeply captivating and somehow still very casual in her performance, and I appreciate and savour every sound that comes out of her talented mouth. It was moving. I bought a t-shirt.

8. Are there any local artists, writers or musicians that you think your audience should know about?

So many. To name a few: The Houses (Where We Grew Up), Mother Sun, At Mission Dolores, Echo Beach, Lex Plexus, James & The North Shore, The Decoys, Minx, Kris Ruston. As a performer myself I would be insane not to mention my band Sweater Kittens in this list. Sweater Kittens!

9. Name another show on CFBX you enjoy and why you enjoy it.

Women Who ROCK! with Michelle Kozuchar (Sunday nights at 8pm) is an exciting new show showcasing female artists of many genres. Listen to it!

10. What are your plans for your show in the next year?

I plan to stay the course with my show’s format, and to hopefully have more guests in the booth with me to spice things up.