Phosphenes/Emilio P/The Houses (Where We Grew Up) Raising Funds at the Grotto

Three local bands were on the Sunday night bill at the Blue Grotto, to raise funds for a local women, who has been diagnosed with ALS. Phosphenes opened the show. They are one of the youngest bands on the local scene. DSCN7322

They are fronted by vocalist Hannah McGrath, with, Alex Campbell on guitar, Eric Podlubny on drums and Alex Ward on keys/bass. Phosphenes played a set of originals, mixing psychedelic keyboard sounds, with rock guitar, drums and vocals.

They received a nice ovation from the crowd. Next up was Emilio P, with the P standing for Pagnotta. This band consists of Emilio Pagnotta on guitar and lead vocals, Alexander Ward on keyboards for the second time, Kris Ruston on drums and background vocals and Jackson Marshall on bass.

DSCN7330 They delivered an uptempo set of originals, with the fiery Pagnotta leading the way, to the delight of the Grotto patrons.

After their performance, numerous draws were made in, as part of the fundraising aspect of the evening and many prizes were won. Some of the prizes came from local tattoo shops, restaurants and other places of business.


Lastly the duo of Sean Schnieder and Rob Wikstrom, collectively called The Houses (Where We Grew Up) played mostly tracks from their new album Dying.

DSCN7349 Wikstrom soloed on one cover tune. Earlier he broke into a wild dance and played guitar on his back for a bit.

Schneider, drummed, sang and took care of some electronics. Their set was well received and soon  the night was over. Once again, local musicians and The Blue Grotto come through to help someone in need and provide a great night of entertainment.